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Cunningham Rods Products feature:

  • 2-piece forging in closed dies
  • Shot peened
  • Full floating bronze bushings
  • Our own rod bolts rated at 286,000 PSI, made from AISI H11 tool steel

At Cunningham we make rods for many standard and custom applications. Whether you need an antique rod, a specialty rod for a prototype engine, or a custom rod for a racing engine, we will make the right rod for you.

Send us an email with your rod requirements, and we will help you make the right decision that is best for you.



We make rods for all 4, 6 and 8 cylinders.
Rod Sizes from: 4.7 inches to 7.25 inches (center to center)


Includes Ford flatheads, in-line six and exotic engines like 1930 Ferrari, 1920 Mercedes, Rotax among others.
Send us an email with your particular antique rod needs.

We specialize in all Honda connecting rods, plus Toyotas, VW's, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and all other import rods.
Many of the top racers/drivers use our rods in their engines.

Be part of a winning team; buy Cunningham Rods.


Do you have a hard to find rod?

Whether it be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, or 12 cylinder engine, we can make any rod for any application.

Do you need extra clearance to allow for larger base cams? Or larger cap bolts?

If so, contact Cunningham Rods, the uncommon rod specialist.

While other manufacturers are busy creating standard size rods, Cunningham Rods has focused on customers with unique applications, for over 35 years. Today, Greg Cunningham and his design engineers have become the recognized experts for specialty rods.

Contact us today for your unique rod request. Send an email with information about your rod or fill out the work order form in our order section. We will respond with a cost and delivery schedule. Be sure to include the engine type, size, HP, length of rod (center-to-center) and how it will be used.

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A detailed and precise process, fractured rods are becoming the solution for what was once considered troubled applications.

For example- rods that need to accept needle bearings, such as outboard engines, fit this need. The roller action of the bearings reduces the drag on the crank, therefore increasing overhall horsepower and performance.

Recently we have developed fractured rods for small block Chevy engines. "The results are amazing," commented Greg Cunningham, "the engines are outlasting those with standard style rods; and fractured rods let the engines rev smoother and quicker!"

Fractured rods provide racers an "extended zone" within the performance range. That translates to extra power, which can mean the difference in winning.

Give us a call (310)538-0605 or send an email about your connecting rod needs to learn if fractured rods are right for your engine.


We are the premier manufacturer for tractor rods. All of our rods are made with a wider web at the beam for longer life and durability. The H-I design is made from 4340 billet steel, which is stronger than the stock tractor rods.

Exclusive rods.

We have designed the perfect rod for John Deere owners. Our special billet rods eliminate welding of two rods! Each rod uses our cross grain manufacturing process. All of the rods we make come complete with full floating bronze bushings and our own rod bolts. The bolts are rated at 296,000 PSI.


We make these unique rods. Each rod is:

  • Made from one-piece billet
  • Fully CNC machined
  • The cap is fractured off, and the cap is then bolted into position, similar to a puzzle piece that fits only one way!
  • Both the big end and pin end are heat treated to 60 rockwell to accommodate the needle bearings

Greg Cunningham designed a special, precision MPR (Marine Power Racing) rod because of the high demand that is placed on the internal engine parts from outboard motors.

The MPRs are fully CNC machined and made from one-piece billet material. To make the rods superior required a precise process called FRACTURED. After the rod has been machined, the rod cap portion needs to be fractured off. Then the cap is bolted back into position. It is similar to a puzzle piece that can fit only one way.

The big end and pin of the rod undergo a heat treatment to 60 rockwell, which accommodates the needle bearings.

The MPR rods have been race proven to outlast conventional rods. MPRs are ideal for Formula I and Drag Racing applications.

Give us a call (310)538-0605 or send an email with your outboard needs.

Ford Diesel Powerstroke


With the increased popularity and use of diesel engines in pick-up trucks the demand to produce more power and torque has naturally followed. Cunningham Rods has become THE source for connecting rods for these applications. We currently manufacture rods for the Dodge 5.9 Cummins, Ford 6.0 & 7.3 Powerstroke, and the GM 6.6 Duramax engines. The Ford 6.4 Powerstroke is coming soon.

Cummins 5.9 Diamond Lock

Diesel Rods

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