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Whether you want to purchase 4340 chromoly steel or Titanium rods, Cunningham has the experience to design and manufacture the right rod for your specific application.

Many domestic and import engines are equipped with turbochargers, which apply a great deal of horsepower and stress to the bottom end. To help engine builders keep-it-together, Cunningham has redesigned the connecting rod.


Our H-I beam design is stronger and more durable than traditional rods. The thickness of the web at the beam is increased. This reduces the early signs of fatigue, providing a long life rod that can withstand the rigors and stress of hi rev engines.

Forging Rods


Our 2-piece forging uses closed dies. This technique further strengthens the material and the components.


Our exclusive process creates a memory action that keeps the caps round even during extreme high revs. When our rods are made, they have grain patterns, just like wood. We make the body/neck of the rods with the vertical grain direction, while the caps are made in the horizontal direction.


One of the oldest processes in rod manufacturing, this reduces the stress and fatigue which can cause twisting and bending of the rods.


We make our own rod bolts from AISI H11 tool steel. The threads on the bolts are roll formed, not cut. This makes them the best in the industry. The bolts are rated at 286,000 PSI. Our rods come complete with bronze bushings.

Let the Cunningham Difference keep you ahead of the competition!

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